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a tree in front of new orleans houses

Book an activity with one of your local peers!


Whether it’s the music, food, architecture, or history that ignites your Spark, New Orleans has something for everyone. While you’re visiting for Spark, book a tour with one (or more!) of our NOLA operators. 

Bonus! Our hotel is right in the heart of the city — just a fifteen minute walk to Bourbon Street!

New Orleans School of Cooking

We teach the basics of Louisiana Cooking in a way you’ll never forget. Fun is a primary ingredient in our kitchen! Our Cajun / Creole experts teach New Orleans specialties such as Gumbo, Jambalaya and Pralines, seasoning them with history, trivia and tall tales!

New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours

Create memories on a New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tour  as you explore the beauty of the Louisiana swamps and the New Orleans plantations like the Whitney Plantation tour with the help of our eco-guides.

VIP New Orleans

Since 2013, LA Epic Club Crawls has provided the ultimate night out. We invite you to join us and experience the vibrant heartbeat of New Orleans nightlife! Immerse yourself in the soulful rhythms and electric energy of the city – a place where every night is a celebration.

New Orleans Pedal Barge

The New Orleans Pedal Boat is Louisiana’s first and only 20 passenger pedal powered paddlewheel commercial pontoon boat that hosts booze cruises and party boat tours. We provide the Captain & Deckhand you just provide the good time!

2nd Line

Join us as we unveil the untold history of this vibrant city, delving into the rich heritage and contributions of African Americans to New Orleans’ culture, cuisine, music, and civil rights. Our engaging tour guides will lead your group through the heart of the Big Easy, sharing tales that are both entertaining and enlightening.

Haunted History Tours

These tours will take you through New Orleans’ freaky past, from voodoo and vampires to ghosts, all with an offbeat, theatrical presentation that makes it fun. We offer haunted tours both walking and by bus each night. We also offer historical daytime tours.

Wild Louisiana Tours

Wild Louisiana Tours offers kayaking swamp tours outside of New Orleans, LA. Paddle through scenic cypress swamps on your kayak swamp tour and see all of the beautiful sites that make Louisiana famous.

Mardi Gras School of Cooking

Come cook in historical New Orleans, Louisiana and learn authentic Creole and Cajun styles! With five menus to choose from, each student is taught professional techniques, the secrets of seasonings, and the art of preparing selected recipes.

NOLA Tours

Explore the intriguing history behind New Orleans’ diverse architecture on our tours, delving into its colonial cottages, grand mansions, and modern skyscrapers to uncover the influence of climate, geography, trade routes, and technological progress.

New Orleans Private Tours

We bring you authentic, unscripted experiences of our vibrant culture. Excursions are just for you and the people you are traveling with.  A private tour allows for flexibility and customization. Each outing is tailored to meet your interests and tastes!

Witches Brew Tours

We specialize in cemetery, haunted, and historical tours featuring ghosts, vampires, voodoo, and other paranormal history, offering the best haunted tours of New Orleans. Hear chilling stories told by our 5-star tour guides of horror and of the history of the ghosts that linger here, exploring haunted attractions and more.

NOLA Gondola

We provide the most romantic experience aboard Bella Mae, an authentic Venetian gondola. During the 50 minute tour, Bella Mae gently glides through the lagoons of New Orleans City Park; past 900 year old live oaks, through the Sculpture Garden, where amazing works of art are visible and lots of assorted wildlife.

Jonathan Weiss Tours

Join me in a stroll through the dark streets of one of the United States’ most haunted and horrific cities! We’ll wander past places where the dead still linger, and you’ll learn of their lives and the tragic circumstances of their deaths.

Bon Moment NOLA

Bon Moment offers immersive tours of New Orleans, exploring local businesses and restaurants, and delving into the city’s vibrant history and culture, led by a native guide. Experience the essence of New Orleans through the eyes of a local with expertise in the city’s colorful history, culture, and traditions.

Crescent City Bike Tours

On our bicycle tours, delight your senses as you explore the most charming neighborhoods of New Orleans. You will visit key historical landmarks, roam neighborhoods founded hundreds of years ago, hear riffs of jazz, and smell authentic Creole cuisine wafting through the air.

No Culinary Tours

Prepare yourself for a great afternoon! New Orleans is known worldwide for our friendly people, rich history, fascinating architecture – and GOOD FOOD! You will experience all of the above on our three hour walking tour of the French Quarter.

It’z Tiki Time – NOLA!

Cruise around The Big Easy on your very own private, captained tiki party boat! Immerse yourself in a breathtaking experience that will leave you enchanted by the cool waters of Lake Pontchartrain.